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Line Painting

Line Painting & Parking Lot Striping

Do you need line painting or line striping? Whether you have a small business parking lot or a large road area, we can help with your line striping needs. Here at Barker & Barker Paving, we specialize in all kinds of paving and asphalt. If you need a parking lot line painter, we have been in business since 1992. And, we’ve worked in the Lehigh Valley and surrounding communities for several years.

Looking for the best parking lot painting company? We can handle all types of asphalt and parking lot maintenance. As professional pavers, our team of trained experts can help with the smallest parking lot project to the largest roadway. And, you’ve got our seal of approval!


Parking Lot Striping

How many times have you come across a parking lot that was poorly designed? Or, found that there was no place to park? There’s a lost art to parking lot painting and roadway striping. With roads, clean and clear lines help to guide traffic. With parking lots, distinguished lines help ensure there’s adequate parking for all clients, customers, and employees. But, when parking lot lines fade, parking can be haphazard and accidents can occur if people can’t see lines clearly.


To help update space in your parking lot area, parking lot stripe maintenance is suggested. By applying a fresh coat of paint to lines, it can brighten your lot. Another reason to add new line striping is if you want to maximize space. You can allow for more traffic especially in highly congested areas like shopping malls.


Because first impressions matter, let Barker & Barker help with your line painting needs. Protecting your investment includes using regular maintenance in your parking lot or roadway. And, you’re letting others know that you care about all vehicle and pedestrian traffic.

ADA Compliance​

Clear access to a property helps to meet federal, state, and municipal regulations. When we stripe a parking lot, there are strict guidelines as outlined by the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA).

Pavement striping and roadway markings ensure parking spaces are designated for the disabled. And, it helps to reduce liability because clear markers on roadways and in parking lots lead to fewer accidents.

Clear markings help you avoid potential fines and penalties for not designating parking for the disabled.

Paving to Impress


Take a look at the commercial and industrial projects that our experienced team has done for in and out of the Lehigh Valley area since 1992. If you would like a quote, click here. Not sure about Site Preparation?

Why Parking Lot Pavement Markings are Important

Adequate parking spaces can help with tenants, customers, clients, and employees. When there’s adequate parking, traffic can flow more smoothly. But, when there’s no place to park, people can get upset or take their business elsewhere especially if they’re pressed for time and need to get to other appointments.


When your pavement markings are clear, this can help control not just vehicles, but pedestrian traffic.


Pavement markings can include:   


  • Arrows and crosswalk areas.

  • Custom stenciling for parking space numbers.

  • Other markings to designate parking spaces and walkways.


Line Striping Services

If you’re looking for parking lot striping near me, let Barker & Barker Paving help. Our team of line stripers is experienced, fast, and accurate. Whether it’s curbs, light pole bases, or roadways, we can ensure professional and proper visibility.


Your property will look aesthetically pleasing and well-maintained. And, customers, clients, and employees will take pride in the repainting of your parking lot. Contact us today for inexpensive ways to protect your investment!

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