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Paving Site Preparation

Paving Site Preparation

Do you need paving site preparation in the Lehigh Valley? Before your construction project begins, we need to survey and prepare the site. This is true before any construction or paving can start.

What Happens When You Prepare a Site?

Are you unsure what is paving site preparation? Paving Site preparation often will involve a few key steps, but these can vary. Typically, a site can take several days or weeks to prepare before a construction or paving project starts.


Paving Site preparation might include:


  • Building: Workers may need to clear an area for an access road to transport equipment to/from the property.

  • Clearing and Demolishing: Rocks, trees, debris, and any vegetation need to be removed.

  • Digging and Drilling: Depending on the location, the site may require drilling and digging. This might need to take place around basements, foundations, wells, or septic systems.

  • Grading and Leveling: The soil might be tested or the site might need to be leveled.

Surveying: A survey may need to be taken of the area for property boundaries. And, a stake may need to be built.

Paving to Impress


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Costs with Preparing Commercial Paving Sites

Looking for site clearing cost? Preparing a paving site can range in costs as it depends on the size of the project.


Additional factors that might affect costs include:


  • Topography of the land.

  • The number of trees and vegetation to remove.

  • The lot size.

  • The region where the land is located.

  • The ground conditions and soil.

  • Access to nearby utilities.

If cost is a factor, look for ways to save money on your paving site preparation. These can include using land that’s relatively flat. Or, finding land that doesn’t have a lot of trees and vegetation that have to be removed. The less clearing or filling that has to be done, the more money you’ll save with the paving site prep work.

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