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Asphalt Sealcoating

Looking for the best asphalt seal coating service? Did you do a recent search for “seal coating near me”? Whether you need a parking lot or public road sealed, Barker & Barker Paving is here to help. We provide a host of professional pavement services throughout the Lehigh Valley and all surrounding areas. With our highly-trained team, we can sealcoat your commercial pavement at your convenience.


Protect Your Commercial Space

Business owners will have potholes filled when they see them. But, there can be other hazards that can affect your commercial sidewalks or parking lot. Because your commercial or industrial space is an investment, it should be protected. Not only does sealcoating preserve it, but it lasts for several years.

A sealed coating on your pavement or roadway can block out damage from:

  • Oxidation from the sun.

  • Water seapage.

  • Petroleum oil or gas spills.

Paving to Impress


Take a look at the commercial and industrial projects that our experienced team has done for in and out of the Lehigh Valley area since 1992. If you would like a quote, click here. Not sure about Site Preparation?

What Happens When Pavements or Roads are Seal Coated?

Need an asphalt sealer? Or, a concrete sealer? When we apply seal coating, we use a coal tar emulsion that’s latex-based. This helps to lock in the sealer and preserve the pavement because it can retain plasticizers and oils for functionality.


Modified with silica sand and latex rubber, it’s durable and able to withstand vehicle and pedestrian traffic for years to come. And, some of the newer versions of seal coating are skid proof. This can help with bad weather when there’s rain, ice, or black ice on the pavement or roadway surface.

Does your parking lot look like it needs a fresh coat?

Want to start seal coating maintenance? Add seal coating to your preventive maintenance plan for your commercial or industrial space. Your customers, clients, and staff will appreciate it. And, it will help improve your curb appeal. Contact us today for a free estimate!

Is Sealcoating the Same as Resurfacing?

One thing to note is that sealcoating is not the same as repaving. Seal coating locks in the seal to preserve the pavement or road over time. It’s used to seal concrete or asphalt. Resurfacing, however, is when you take off the top layer of asphalt and replace it. If you need resurfacing done, it’s a service that we provide. But, please know the services aren’t the same thing.


The biggest advantage to having your pavement or parking lot sealed is that there are fewer cracks to worry about down the line. And, you can reduce your liability.

The Hills and Ridges Rule


Even one lawsuit against a property owner can prove costly. If you have cracks in your concrete or potholes, please contact us immediately to repair these. As business owners, ensuring pedestrian and vehicle safety falls on building owners. And, there are ADA guidelines that you must ensure you observe to protect those with disabilities.


Another concern is the Hills and Ridges Rule. In Pennsylvania, owners of land are generally not liable for slips and falls due to snow and ice. But, this may not apply to cracks in concrete or broken asphalt.


Pennsylvania’s law was imposed to allow business and property owners time to clear their walkways from ice and snow. But, it’s still your responsibility to maintain walkways, parking lot, and roadway surfaces on your property.

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