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Asphalt Milling Services

Asphalt Milling Services

Barker and Barker Paving is a reliable and trusted paving contractor offering asphalt milling services. Their experienced team utilizes the latest equipment and techniques to ensure consistently outstanding results.

asphalt milling services

Exceptional Asphalt Milling Services from Barker and Barker Paving

Asphalt milling is an efficient and cost effective way to repair roads and other paved surfaces. It involves removing the top layer of asphalt to a predetermined depth to allow for a new layer of asphalt to be applied. This process is used to improve the overall condition of roadways and other paved surfaces, while providing a clean, smooth driving surface. Asphalt milling can also be used to provide a level surface prior to resurfacing, and is a great alternative to full-depth asphalt removal. With our experienced team, your asphalt milling job will be done quickly and with the highest quality standards.

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Take a look at the commercial and industrial projects that our experienced team has done for in and out of the Lehigh Valley area since 1992. If you would like a quote, click here. Not sure about Site Preparation?

Precision Milling with Professional Results

Milling asphalt is a cost-effective and precision method of paving that ensures durable and long-lasting results. It involves the selective removal of existing asphalt layers while preserving the underlying base, making it an ideal choice for resurfacing projects. Our experienced paving contractors use state-of-the-art milling equipment to ensure the job is done with the highest level of accuracy and quality.

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