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Asphalt Paving

Asphalt Paving Contractors

Searching for paving contractors near me? Since 1992, Barker & Barker Paving has been providing professional paving service in and around the Lehigh Valley. Our professional team of highly-trained, technicians works hard to provide a full range of paving services.


Asphalt Pavements and Roads

Looking for the best paving companies? Or, need asphalt paving repairs? Barker and Barker Paving excels in serving your Commercial Paving Needs:

  • Asphalt crack and patch repair work.

  • Asphalt installation for new construction.

  • Creating an extension for an existing pavement or road.

  • New roads or repairs.

  • Paving new walkways or making repairs to them.

  • New parking lots or repairs.

  • Fixes for other surface types.


Here at Barker & Barker Paving, we serve commercial, industrial and government clients in the Lehigh Valley and Pocono Mountain Regions. Our commercial paving service includes retail, industrial and commercial businesses. From commercial property sidewalks to public roadways, we guarantee our work and we use the best machinery and equipment for each job.

Paving to Impress


Take a look at the commercial and industrial projects that our experienced team has done for in and out of the Lehigh Valley area since 1992. If you would like a quote, click here. Not sure about Site Preparation?

Why Asphalt is Preferred Over Concrete

It was once thought that concrete was the best material for paving roads or other projects. But, asphalt is actually preferred for most commercial and industrial facilities. Asphalt is a superior product to concrete and it’s easier to make repairs when necessary.

Concrete is made up of sand, and crushed rocks. When water and cement are added, they create a binder to hold the aggregates in place. When the mix dries, it stiffens up. But, over time, concrete is prone to breaking and cracking. This is more prevalent when the surface beneath the concrete isn’t completely flat.


While asphalt uses aggregates, similar to concrete, one if its derivatives is crude oil. The benefit is that there’s a bit more flexing with asphalt. That’s because the binder is bitumen. Once asphalt is poured on a commercial parking lot or road, as it cools, it can withstand vehicle traffic and it’s highly durable underfoot. These are features that concrete lacks.


There are additional advantages to using asphalt. The main point being that when a section of an asphalt road needs to be repaired, it’s a simple procedure. Asphalt is milled. Once a damaged section of road is replaced with fresh asphalt. This means roadways can open in faster amounts of time and there are fewer traffic delays.


Asphalt requires less time and is cost-efficient. It’s a proven solution for industrial and commercial businesses. This helps ensure your space is always aesthetically pleasing. And, it can reduce your liability as you can make rapid repairs if you find any cracks or potholes. If you require asphalt resurfacing, let us know and we can help with any repair work you need to set up.

Hire the Best Asphalt Paving Company - Hire Barker & Barker Paving

Our experienced team of pavers is fast and efficient. And, we ensure the highest quality in every job, every site to ensure that every project lives up to our standard of excellence. If you need asphalt paving, you can call us today at (610) 317-9070 for a free estimate.

As Veteran Small Business of the Year Award Winner, we take pride in our work and all our projects are completed on time the first time. We’re also fully bonded, licensed, and insured. Please know that your satisfaction is our biggest priority!

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